Mayor Gayle McLaughlin in the media 2007-2015

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Under Gayle's leadership the collective progressive work in Richmond has received extensive local, statewide and national press coverage, here are some examples:

The Washington Post
Richmond’s Rules: Why one California town is keeping Wall Street up at night.

The Wall Street Journal
Richmond Mayor Says Lawsuit Won’t Deter Loan Seizures

The New York Times
 Eminent Domain: A Long Shot Against Blight

Together a Century, City and Oil Giant Hit a Rough Patch

The Nation
Meet the Mayor Who’s Using Eminent Domain to Fight Foreclosure. The fearless Gayle McLaughlin of Richmond, California, has taken on Chevron and big banks on behalf of taxpayers and underwater homeowners

Bill Moyers
Bernie Sanders: Stand Up to Corporations Like Chevron

Chevron’s “Company Town” Fights Back: An Interview with Gayle McLaughlin

What A California Refinery Town Can Teach America

In Richmond, We Would Not Let Democracy Be Bought

Facing Down Corporate Greed

Corporate Triumphs, Progressive Victories and the Roadmap for a Democratic Revival

Democracy Now!

How to Buy a City: Chevron Spends $3 Million on Local California Election to Oust Refinery Critics

Chevron to Pay $2 Million for 2012 Refinery Fire in Richmond, CA; 200 Arrested at Protest

California City Threatens to Use Eminent Domain to Stop Bank Foreclosures

Chevron Oil Refinery Fire in Richmond, California Forces Over 900 Residents to Hospitals

Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC
California town takes on Chevron over refinery pollution

Huffington Post
California Mayor Appeals To Bank CEO’s ‘Conscience’ To Help Struggling Homeowners

Richmond and Eminent Domain

Mother Jones
Why a Small California City Could Be Wall Street's Worst Nightmare

San Francisco Chronicle
A rescue for Richmond's underwater mortgages?

Richmond’s rent-control battle was brutal, but right choice made

Reclaiming Richmond: The city's Green Party Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and a cadre of residents fight to take back the shoreline for public use

Los Angeles Times
How Chevron swamps a small city with campaign money and bogus news

Watch as four giant oil companies try to interfere with a California election

Chevron's refinery, Richmond's peril

Housing fix has strong enemies.

Mercury News
Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin savors successes as she steps down

East Bay Express
Most Fearless Mayor: Richmond’s Gayle McLaughlin

From Richmond to the Rainforest

Independent Political Report
Green Mayor Gayle McLaughlin and progressive city council coalition defeat casino proposal

USA Today
Forceful mayor’s drastic plan to stop foreclosures

Merced Star- Sun
Richmond weighs using eminent domain to help struggling homeowners

The Atlantic
Why Wall Street Is Very, Very Angry at Richmond, California, Right Now One town tries a radical plan to rescue its underwater homeowners.

Richmond Confidential – KQED
Senator Bernie Sanders Rallies Richmond Voters to Contest Chevron

The best of Senator Bernie Sanders in Richmond

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